Friday, February 11, 2011

My concern

The Hindu, as always has reported a number new burials being discovered. These burials are being found during some construction work. Once found,these are dug out and shifted to near by museums. Now its surprising that it doesnt click to the authorities that the surrounding region need to be cordoned off and further excavation need to be carried on in the location for meaningful discoveries.instead once the burials are shifted work goes on as usual. Why this megalithic burialsites in our state are not getting the attention they deserve? If at all if there is a sure way of establishing sangam or pre sangam history of tamilnadu,it can happen only thru preserving these sites.
Recently read article about an australian archaeologist who sitting in his place at australia was able to identify some 1977 potential burial mounds in saudi arabia with the help of google earth. Such a study is highly required for our burial sites also.there must be a pattern of these sites which followed the ancient settlement of early tamils.also trying to map them with aerial view can be of great use to study the population densities of various places of ancient tamil country. I offer my assistance to anyone who is involved in such a study.i wish to see those burial sites get the attention they deserve.