Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thirukazhukundram Mystery

Most people who are interested in old artefacts will take no time in recognising what is in the picture below. 

Yes, it is a chinese bell.
Now my question is how on earth a chinese bell found a place in the ancient shiva temple at Thirukazhukundram. The temple, atop a hill is believed to be 1500 years old, there is a cave which predates this temple on the same hill, which is believed to be excavated during early pallava period.
I was surprised to see the chinese bell at this ancient site and by it looks it doesnt look like a recent addition. 
Traditional south Indian temples have bells of different shape, like the one shown below
I could not take a photograph as photography is banned inside the temple. Some one tell me !!
How did the chinese bell land up in this temple, what is the story behind ???Mystery !!!!!

And people who visit this temple, please dont miss this bell.

The temple itself was very famous as, till recent times, two eagles visited the temple exactly at the same time everyday to accept the offerings made by the temple priest. They have stopped coming nowadays.

Will upload more photographs of the temple, they are in my mobile.