Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dolmens Near Palani

Number of tombs with burial chambers found at Periyapatti Kadu on the upper part of Kudhiraiyaru dam near Palani was remnants of Megalithic period.
Led by Professor S. Vairavel of Arul Migu Palani Andavar College of Arts and Culture, a special team of professors and archaeological experts, have found nine such tombs sprawling over two kilometre surroundings on the hill, which was 1,500 metre above sea level.
These gigantic structures were constructed by ancient people using un-chiselled large flat stone supported by several vertical ones.
The stones were arranged vertically and covered on top with 20 inch thick cat stones. One tomb was 4.6 metre long and 1.7 metre high, according to Dr. Vairavel here on Tuesday. “These are remnants of prehistoric and also the megalithic dolmens.”
Each tomb has several burial chambers to bury bodies of people.
The team also collected several broken earthen vessels.
Presence of broken earthen pots and plates not only confirmed that the place was a burial ground but also showed the belief of people after death.
These tombs were similar to the ones present in Munar and Maraiyur areas, he added.
Presence of tombs at such a height proved that people had lived on Western Ghats. It also explained development of culture, civilisation and life style of people belonging to Megalithic period.
A team, comprising members S. Balamurugan, M. Gopalakrishnan, C. Sri Raja, N. Mahesh Kumar M.S. Nattuthurai and G. Ragunathan conducted field study.
Thanks - The Hindu-Feb 04, 2009

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