Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Visit to Siruthavur stone circles, near Thiruporur

This post is on my visit to Siruthavur near Thiruporur. It s long ride from my home , almost two hours we spent on bike to reach the place. My only idea was about some stone circles  in a lake bed near Siruthavur and we intended to reach the place. Its a Sad story that most of the stone circles on the lake bed have been uprooted and illegal plots have cropped up. Something has to be done on this real estate menace.

But a short drive after Siruthavur, we came across another site by the side of the road. There was no marking or pointers to this location, but a keen eye cannot miss thoses magnificient stone circles.I dont want to reveal the location on this blog, but can easily find out the location if I visit again. It was pretty hot, but I took a lot of photographs of the stone circles.
Any body interested in visiting the place can contact me by email or phone
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Mobile - 9840298209

Burial Chambers

Circles lost to real estate

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