Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dolmen with Petroglyphs - Kollur Village,Villupuram

K.T.Gandhirajan and his team has discovered a large dolmen with three petroglyphs(engravings made with a tool) in a lake bank near Kollur Village in Villupuram District. The petroglyphs depict two human figures with trident in their hands and the third figure is carrying an unknown weapon. The dolmen might be 2500 years old and the petroglyphs to a later period.The team also found six more dolmens near the site.

Sh.Gandhirajan says “Hundreds of megalithic dolmens were once found in Tamil Nadu. Urban development and extension of agricultural land led to locals smashing them up or carting away the granite slabs for use in their houses. The Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department must make a survey of the surviving dolmens, and it should fence them. For these sites are directly connected with the pre-Sangam or Sangam age culture of Tamil Nadu,” ---We also through this blog request everyone to take the necessary efforts to preserve the dolmens in your rrespective districts. Once again thanks to Sh.Gandhirajan's team for their extraordinary efffort.

Photos : Sh.K.T.Gandhirajan

Source : The Hindu

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