Saturday, May 15, 2010

Visit to Munnar

Last month aVisit to Munnar created a lot of expectation in me. Munnar is a hill station in the neighbouring state of Kerala. We were to take the Munnar-Alluva road on our way to Munnar from Ernakulam. Historically, Kodungallur(known as Muziri in olden days, near present day ernakulam) is known for the sea port from pre christian era.Some where around 10th Century AD, Floods in the Periyar river destroyed this port city and was believed to be a cause for formation of the present day port at Cochin.

Munnar-Alluva road was a very important trade link between Ancient tamilnadu and Port city of Kodungallur. I assume this road must have been a major trade route from at least 4000 years ago. i have read from internet sources that the present day Munnar Alluva road is running almost the same way it had run thousands of years ago, but we can never be sure of that, because the road essentially follows the periyar river and because of geological factors the river might have changed its course many times during the past.

The ancientness of the road is being validated by the presence of large no of Dolmens and burial sites along its course.So I was very eager that I might see atleast a couple of Dolmens along the road, but the driver disappointed by saying that most of the dolmens are atleast a kilometer walk away in the dense jungle. Since I was on a short family trip, I thought it would'nt be fair on my part to make everyone wait for my visit.

Also I have trekked in this region in my school days and had seen a lot of dolmens at that time. Since there are a lot of visitors in this part and the guides and local people are well aware of the significance of Dolmens, I believe they will remain preserved till I make a trip again to this region, It was a disappointment,but this short visit will definitely help me in planning my next trip (Exclusively for Dolmens) effectively.


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