Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tunnel of Eupalinos - Do we have any??

Strictly speaking I should not be talking about the "Tunnel of Eupalinos" in this blog titled megalithic burial sites in TamilNadu. But I wish to take a exception here.
The tunnel of Eupalinos was built in the 6th Century BC in the greek Island of Samos. Its length is 1036 mtrs and was made beneath a mountain of limestone. The thing that makes it a miracle is the fact that, the tunnel was started from both its end simultaneously and completed by meeting at the centre. Its mindboggling to figure out, how they managed to maintain the course and successfully complete it. Number of Hypothesis exists on how they managed to do it, but that i shall keep beyond the scope of this blog.
When i visited ancient temples and forts in Tamilnadu, one of the popular legends one hears about is the tunnels which connected one particular place with other places miles away. I have infact seen such a tunnel entrance at Rockfort temple at Trichirappalli. Now I am really curious, why no one made an attempt to check whether these tunnels really exists or not? second, was there any serious attempt to excavate any of these tunnels.Is there a structured study carried out by any Govt or private organisation on this tunnels...Iam curious,....very very curious to know....

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  1. I have come across two tunnels

    1. In vedaranyam temple behind a durga statue. It is believed to end at Tanjore temple but I believe that it may end somewhere outside the city. I have got down to its first stage and seen the entry to second stage.

    2. A tunnel before the 'vibhoodhi pillayara' that is around the 'por thaamarai kulam' in Madurai Meenakshi temple. It is supposed to send at 'theppa kulam' which is outside the city limits.